Grand prix Camping

We offer campsites to those who wish to join us for more than 1 day and would like to spend the night just feet from the event. There are several small communities that form around the venue in the camping lots where friends and fans can come together to enjoy the 3 day event!

-Each camping lot allows you to park any size RV or Trailer along with your bikes and gear!

-Each lot offers a Safe & Secure Dedicated Campsite

-All camping is first come, first served! Camping fills up quickly, so if you are camping in a group it is suggested that you all arrive at the same time.

** No Camping Inside Stadium Parking Lot **

** Unauthorized Vehicles are subject to be towed**


Campsite Prices

Per Night - $20

Weekend - $40

Gate Hours

Thurs:12pm - 8pm

Fri: 7am - 10pm

Sat: 6am - 10pm

Sun: 6am- Closing